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Worldwide Organization for Food and Wine Enthusiasts

The fast pace of today’s lifestyle and the pressures to move ahead have pushed many people out of the kitchen and over to the drive-through window, foregoing traditional cooking practices in their kitchens and opting for faster, oftentimes unhealthy and high-calorie foods. The International Food and Wine Association proposes to teach you everything about how to bring the pace of slow food and slow living back with you into your fast-paced life, so that every time you open the pantry you find a wave of inspiration. From selecting fresh, locally-grown and in-season produce to learning how to bring out the natural flavors with simple yet elegant combinations, you will enjoy Tuscan cuisine's world-renowned quality and simplicity of spirit as well as discover its delicious, gourmet flavors.

This global organization is an exclusive union of gastronomic lovers with members ranging from producers of food, owners of eateries, chefs and cooking enthusiasts from all over in the world. Its primary concern is to create a general awareness among the public and educate them about good food, good cooking, and everything that contributes to healthy living.

The IFWA further aims to fulfill to: promote and advance the concepts and benefits of safe, quality and nutritious food; inform the masses about sustainable eating choices; promote responsible agricultural techniques among farmers; educate people about the impact of food production on the environment; encourage the use of locally-grown and seasonal produce; create awareness among chefs and the general public of the various advantages and disadvantages of culinary choices; and provide educational programs about cooking and wine through classes, lectures and workshops that foster concepts of healthy living.

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